Dear visitors of this site! On its pages you will learn about the first steps of the private business in Ukraine in the field of natural resources, the search for new technologies, the development and improvement of technical means on the results of extraction of non-traditional minerals, the results of drilling and recovery of oil and gas wells, about finding and implementing ideas in vehicles. The initiators of these studies are guided by one credo: "Better to die from hunger than from boredom." I am confident that viewing these pages you will not regret about wasted time.

Sincerely, President of the corporation Dr.          Oleksandr Polituchyi
The company specializes in production and processing of natural mineral bischofite (magnesium chloride - MgCl2 * 6H2O), which is used in oil and gas industry, metallurgy, construction, medicine, etc. For more information, please visit.
Research and Production Experimental Center "Naftogazburmash performs research and development works in the mining industry. The scientific potential of and the design office to solve problems that have found their implementation in the workplace.
Venture for the first time in Ukraine has designed and started an issue of the certified light two-seat helicopter with a piston engine and a flight mass of 650 kg. The first helicopter was flown in 2001. Now they are in the air, Ukraine and abroad, about fifty.
Scientific-Production Enterprise of advanced technologies "PROBE" performs the following work:
  • Drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • Work over of oil and gas wells;
  • After-sales support for drilling fluids and special fluids.
A subsidiary of Horizon - Invest With production capacity to produce prototypes, ranging from the gently-controlled actuator rig to assistive devices and mechanisms. Performs repairs brown-first and original equipment.